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How Often Should an Elevator Lift be Serviced?

Millions of people of all ages use elevator lifts. In fact, depending on your location, hundreds of people use commercial elevator lifts every single day. There is no doubt that this machine is...

How to Practice Good Hygiene When Taking an Elevator

Elevators are small, enclosed spaces where you meet strangers. They can also act as an essential mode of transport for the elderly, the disabled, or those who struggle to climb stairs. While many...

Top 3 Reasons Why it’s Better to take the Lift than Use the Stairs

More and more passenger lifts are installed around the world every single day, and there's good reason for this. Lifts are an uber-efficient and safe way to move large numbers of people around tall...

If there is a Fire in the Building, Do Not Ever Use a Lift!

You’ve probably noticed the warning signs posted in shopping malls and high-rise buildings:  “in case of fire, DO NOT use the lift”.  This is not an OH&S-gone-crazy situation; this...

How to Know if the Lift You are in is Safe

As we’ve discussed previously, taking the lift is statistically safer than taking the stairs; however that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop and think about lift safety before you step into...

Lift Building is Not a DIY Job!

DIY can be a lot of fun. Not only can it save you money, you can also learn new skills and create a home which reflects your personality and taste. However, there are some tasks that really don’t...

Examples when multi-storey buildings do not need a lift

I installed an elevator, only to discover my building only required an entrance ramp! Running a successful day-care clinic is one of the points of pride in my life. After years of training in the...

Why aren't there many lift builders around? Because you need to be the best!

The Tower of Terror might be your idea of a fun Disney ride, but a real-life elevator drop is far from mine. I remember us jamming ourselves in the tiny lift of my friend’s apartment building. We...

Three of the scariest (but safe) lifts in the world!

The first ever passenger elevator (for commercial use) was created by the Otis Elevator Company in 1857 in a New York City department store. It moved at a speed of 0.7 km per hour. Elevators have...

How lift hydraulics work, why it’s important to choose a quality system and, why maintenance is critical

If accessing different levels of the house has become an issue for you or a family member, you’ve probably started thinking about installing a lift system. But what sort of lift should you selec...