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Quality Platform Lifts in Adelaide

Installing a platform lift is an effective way for home and building owners to circumnavigate accessibility issues within their property making provision for disability, impairment or simply comfort for the elderly. Rather than modifying the building itself, platform lifts offer a simple and cost effective solution to adapt a premises to cater for changing needs of residents or for your customers.

Platform lifts providing simple convenience

Our platform lifts are ergonomic and easy to maintain with a versatility that makes them ideal for any kind of environment, whether it be a domestic or public building.

Platform lifts are suitable for inclined staircases both straight and curved with multiple landings. We also offer vertical options for platform style lifts which can be multiple stops with a range of travel distances.

If you would like specifications for these lifts or background information, feel free to visit the "Pandect" manufacturer website for more information:  

Commercial Brochure  /  Residential Brochure

Find out more about our platform lifts

If you would like our expert advice and any further information regarding our platform lifts, we’ll be happy to help out. Simply contact us and provide relevant information regarding your circumstances, such as whether the lift is for residential or commercial purposes, your desired lift capacity and required travel distance.



Adjacent Entry-Lower Landing

Adjacent Entry-Upper Landing


V65 Curved Rail

Lift at top landing

Safety walls surrounding all sides

Glass gate access

Stainless Steel finishes

Pandect Vertical Platform Lift