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How Often Should an Elevator Lift be Serviced?


Millions of people of all ages use elevator lifts. In fact, depending on your location, hundreds of people use commercial elevator lifts every single day. There is no doubt that this machine is incredibly useful- it helps prevent falls, saves space and time, helps us reach our destination faster, allows mobility for senior citizens, and of course, is a great option for all those lazy bums who do not want to take the stairs.

We are so accustomed to the ease that elevator lifts provide that rarely ever do we think about their functionality and maintenance. The truth is, these machines, like all other machines, need regular maintenance. This job cannot be done by any random person. Technicians are needed to check the elevator lift's functionality to see if it is licensed and authorized to perform. After all, safety over everything else, right?

Are you wondering how often the elevator lift in your building should be serviced? Here is what it depends on:


1.  Model

Like with any appliance in your home, elevator lifts come in different models. Depending on the type of elevator lift it is and its specifications, the elevator company, will give you some instructions to follow. Moreover, since some elevators have more features than others, the lifts require more maintenance.

To ensure that all parts of the elevator are functioning, make sure to allow regular maintenance. If you are unsure of how often it needs to be serviced, simply dial up the company you bought the elevator lift from and ask them.


2.  Location

How often you need to get your elevator lift serviced also depends on where you are located. Some parts of the city require more use of an elevator lift, while some residential houses barely use it.

If your commercial elevator lift is being used by several people at once, you must obtain permits and follow the law of elevator maintenance. Remember, if anything goes wrong, you and your company could be sued.


3.  Contract

Depending on the company you employ the elevator lift for, your maintenance timeline will vary. There will be certain rules and policies within the company that you will have to follow.

Based on your contract with the company, your commercial elevator lift will need repairs every now and then. Figure out a budget and then ensure that everyone’s safety is guaranteed.


Approximate Time to Service an Elevator Lift

There are several factors at play when figuring out how often an elevator lift needs to be serviced. While installation companies usually give an estimate time period, your elevator lift should be serviced every 12-months.

However, some repairs will spring up every now and then that will need changes and maintenance every few years.

To ensure maximum benefits of your commercial or residential elevator lift, it is essential to keep up with maintenance and servicing. If you are looking to get an elevator lift installed in your building, we have you covered! Simply call Adelaide Lifts today so that we may guide you through the process.