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This is why you should never jump up and down in a lift


Let’s not deny the fact that everyone has, at some point, found jumping in a lift tempting. We understand this. The concept of jumping in a lift is fascinating, as we try to defy gravity and convenience. However, you must understand that jumping up and down in a moving cab or bus may be fun, but doing so in a lift is dangerous not just to you but also to your wallet.

Before you indulge in such an activity, think about the risks associated with this. In this article, you will learn about why you should never jump up and down in a lift, especially one that needs replacements and updates.

Mechanical Problems

Protecting equipment and following regulations are important factors for property managers so that they can ensure that everyone stays safe. If people start to jump up and down in a lift, the likelihood of a breakdown would be high, putting everyone who uses that lift at risk.

In fact, it is due to this irresponsible behaviour that authorities have started to carve out basic rules regarding jumping in a lift. Many places deem this as a misdemeanour and take strict action against those individuals who disregard other people’s safety.

A lift is something that is used every single day, multiple times a day. Jumping up and down can damage valuable parts. These mechanical damages can be extremely costly and time-consuming. It is no wonder that property owners ban jumping in lifts and aim to protect their guests and tenants.


Even though a single individual jumping up and down in a lift will not cause any harm, but if everyone started doing the same by looking at each other, the lift has more chances of crashing. A sudden jolt in the mechanical functions of the lift can cause send a signal to the safety stop so that passengers do not experience any potential injuries.

Even though the thought behind this idea is great, it can lead to the lift becoming stuck in transit. This means that passengers will be stuck for hours till help arrives. Those who are claustrophobic may experience panic attacks, as well as heart attacks. If too many people get stuck at the same time, the oxygen may start to run out in the lift, and someone may also become unconscious due to the lack of ventilation.

In conclusion, you must never jump up and down in a lift. As the lift moves down, gravity creates momentum that increases the impact of your jump. This means that a lot more damage will be caused to the lift you are in. Even though lifts are generally safe – given that they are regularly maintained – you will be putting all passengers at risk if you continue to be careless.

Be smart, be safe.