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This Is Why You Should Not Overcrowd a Lift


In today’s fast-paced world, an increasing number of people are pressed for time. They want to go to work early or leave the office soon to reach home in time, and for that, they are willing to do anything from over speeding on roads to over-crowding the lift at work.

The problem may also occur with home lifts because it simply feels more convenient to fit and squeeze in to reach your room or another floor faster.

But did you know that overcrowding a lift, whether at work or home, can pose a threat not just to your lift but also to the safety and life of its passengers? This is exactly why you should not overcrowd a lift.

Let’s take a closer look at how overcrowding a lift can be a threat to your safety and the safety of your equipment.


Overcrowding a Lift – A Threat to the Equipment

When you overcrowd a lift, it can cause problems with the elevator, especially if you do not invest enough in the repair and maintenance of your lift. While most elevators from reliable lift manufacturers have a built-in overload sensor that can cause the elevator to stop in case of an overload, not all elevators come with this feature.

For lifts that do not contain an overload sensor, they may continue to function, despite the excess weight, but it can damage the lift's components, such as elevator ropes, because they experience excessive stress. Moreover, continuously overloading the lift can also negatively impact its efficiency, especially when you do not invest in regular maintenance.


Overcrowding a Lift – A Threat to the Passengers

Overcrowding a lift damage not only the equipment but also poses a threat to the safety of its passengers. An overcrowded lift with an overcrowding sensor may get stuck in between floors, making it difficult for passengers to get out of the elevator safely. The problem is more severe for home elevators as individuals with compromised mobility typically use them.

In extreme cases, an overcrowded lift that is not adequately maintained may also have an increased risk of fall, which can threaten the lives of the passengers.

While it is important to avoid overcrowding a lift for the integrity of the equipment and safety of the passengers, it is equally important to invest in the best quality lifts. Adelaide Lifts is a South Australian distributor of Aricto lifts, an industry leader providing top-quality lifts for residential and commercial platforms. We also deal in other reliable elevators brands that provide the highest quality elevators that can be the best choice for your homes. To learn more about the elevators that we offer, speak to our representative at 833-533 or enquire online.