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What places are better suited for escalators or lifts?

In most modern buildings, escalators or lifts have become common. These mechanised modes of indoor transportation provide efficient and quick movement of people inside the building. They are used...

Why Old Lifts Are Not Being Used Anymore

Every electronic and technical item has a life span, and lifts are no exception. As the saying goes, nothing lasts forever. How old is your lift? How long has it been since you serviced it? An old...

This is why you should never jump up and down in a lift

Let’s not deny the fact that everyone has, at some point, found jumping in a lift tempting. We understand this. The concept of jumping in a lift is fascinating, as we try to defy gravity and...

Tips on How to Stay Calm When You Get Stuck In A Lift

Getting trapped inside a lift can be pretty dangerous and scary for most people, even if it is for a few minutes. This is true, especially for people who are claustrophobic because they can’t stand be...