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Top 5 Fastest Elevators in the World


As the number of towering skyscrapers increases, so does the race to build better, bigger and more advanced structures. Buildings are constantly getting taller and elevator manufacturers are coming up with more and more ways to break record speeds for the next generation of facilities. So, how do the fastest elevators fare on a global scale? Check out our countdown below to find out.


#5 Two International Finance Centre


Towering 420-metres above Hong Kong Island is the Two International Finance Centre. Not only is this building the second tallest in Hong Kong overall, it’s also earned a place in the world’s official tallest buildings ranking. Although it has moved further down the list over the years, this development was sitting in third place upon its completion in 2003. But what’s just as impressive is the elevator you’ll find in this building: a nifty ride that can travel 10.6-metres per second, and with 62 double-decker elevators servicing the building, the average wait time only sits at around 30 seconds!


#4 Landmark Tower


The Yokohama Landmark Tower is the second tallest building in Japan, standing almost 300-metres above the city. This 70-floor tower features a Sky Garden observatory, the five-star Yokohama Royal Park Hotel and the neighbouring Yokohama Landmark Plaza. Not only is this tower incredibly practical, it can also get you to exactly where you need to be in an incredibly timely fashion with an elevator that accelerates to 12.5-metres per second. You’ll need to hold on.


#3 Taipei 101


The Taipei 101 is one of the top 10-tallest buildings in the world, standing at 508-metres tall with 101 floors. This building features a food precinct, a beautiful mall and observation decks guaranteed to give you the best views of the city. The pressure-controlled elevator in this structure is sure to give you a rush, reaching a peak speed of 16.8-metres per second. Visitors are usually excited by the elevator’s capabilities, launching them from the ground floor to the 89th-floor observation deck in just 40 seconds.


#2 CTF Finance Centre


The Chow Tai Fook Finance Centre is hard to miss in Guangzhou, towering 530-metres over the city and acting as a landmark in the area. This mixed-use building features 66 office floors, 23 services apartment floors, 11 hotel floors, a ballroom and meeting rooms. Complete with a shopping mall and dining outlets, this tower acts as a central hub for the Guangzhou CBD. With plenty of space to cover, the elevators in this tower really are state of the art. The elevators here can take you from the ground floor to the 95th in 45 seconds, covering 20-metres per second and reaching peak speeds of over 72 km/h.


#1 Shanghai Tower


The Shanghai Tower takes the cake with the fastest elevator in the world, reaching up to 20.5-metres per second or nearly 74 km/h. This 632-metre tall skyscraper is sure to thrill visitors, taking only 55 seconds to get from the ground floor to the observation deck on the 118th floor. The observation deck is also the tallest indoor one in the world, with unrivalled panoramic views over the city. If you want to experience the fastest lift in the world, be sure to add a trip to Shanghai to your bucket list.


Have your come across any impressive elevators on your travels?