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Commercial Lifts Need to be Serviced on a Regular Basis


Commercial lifts should be serviced more often as compared to lifts in residential units. They go up and down innumerable times a day and are exposed to a greater degree of wear and tear. Many offices don’t get their office elevators serviced until they start making noises or stop functioning as smoothly as they should.

Well, if you don’t take the service of your commercial elevators seriously, you’re putting everyone in your premises at a massive risk of accidents.

Read this blog post to know why it’s important to get the commercial lifts serviced regularly.



What does a lift do? Go up and down all day, every day? Well, it might not appear like something that would damage the lift, but know that the lift features various pulleys and wires. When the lift goes up and down the pulleys multiple times a day, there’s extreme resistance. The resistance causes the components of the lift to get damaged and become weak.

If you don’t get your commercial lifts serviced regularly, the lift components may get weak and break if the lift gets loaded with excessive weight. Such accidents can result in casualties. Regular lift maintenance is important to ensure safety of everyone using the lift.


Smooth Ride

Have you ever been in a lift that jerks while it goes up or down? Isn’t it scary? Well, a lift that doesn’t function smoothly can affect the user experience. This is particularly important in case of new clients and potential candidates. Nobody would want to work in premises where they don’t feel safe. Regular lift servicing ensures smooth ride and enhanced sense of safety.


Prevent Costly Repairs

As we said earlier, a commercial lift is exposed to extreme wear and tear. If you don’t address minor problems in time, the damages can worsen and jeopardize the safety of everyone using the lift. And when the smaller problems become bigger, it’ll cost you much more to get them fixed. So, one of the most important reasons why you should get your commercial lifts serviced regularly is to prevent costly repairs.


Prolonged Lifespan

Servicing commercial lift regularly will prolong its lifespan. When you get the servicing done, the servicing professionals will address any minor damages or defects there may be and ensure that the lift continues to work smoothly. The smoother the function of the lift is, the lesser will be the resistance and wear and tear, and therefore, the longer will the lift last.

Regular commercial lift service is a win-win situation for everyone. Not only do you get to save money on costly repairs but it also ensures a good user experience and a greater sense of safety.

If you’re looking for the best commercial lift maintenance professionals, look no further than Adelaide Lifts. We’ve got the best professionals and the most modern equipment to do the job right.