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Bespoke Chair Lifts

We supply the Access BDD Flow stair lift, which has a mono rail system making it the least intrusive customised chairlift in the market.  

The award-winning Flow2 is a first on many levels.  The automatic swivel and levelling technology make this the most adaptable chair lift in the world as it fits on staircases that are as narrow as 610mm.  Enjoy the fluid movement of the Flow2 as it negotiates turns while on the move with the help of the latest technology.  This makes the Flow2 an ideal bespoke chair lift for every home with curved stairs.

They are customisable from a single flight of stairs to multiple landings and curves. When not in use, the chair also folds away to a slimline shape.

View the video link below for a demonstration of the incredible versatility of the Flow curved rail stairlift: