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Quality Disability Lifts in Adelaide

Disability lifts are the ideal solution for a person who has mobility impediment or injury to navigate an area with ease.  By providing mobility access solutions you ensure your building is a place of inclusion, rather than exclusion.

For home owners, the option of installing a disability lift allows for you to effectively capitalise on your existing space rather than opting to relocate entirely, especially for those who are very comfortable with a place that has been their family home for perhaps decades.

Disability lifts that exceed industry standards

Adelaide Lifts are the local distributor of disabled elevators that meet access requirements for South Australia. Our range of elevators are defined by modern and innovative design intended to carry individuals with ease and last for decades with appropriate servicing.

We install high quality disability lifts sourced from some of the best global elevator manufacturers. One of our partnered brands is Aritco, a well-established Swedish manufacturer whose lifts are currently found in approximately 25,000 buildings around the world owing to their excellent quality. Other respected international elevator brands we supply include ThyssenKrupp, SKG and Vestner.

Learn more about our disability lifts

The Adelaide Lifts commitment to quality is paralleled in our commitment to provide highly affordable disability elevators. We believe our customers will be surprised at the entry cost for what translates to a life changing way to get around a home or public building.

If you have any questions regarding our disability lifts, make sure to get in touch with us at Adelaide Lifts today. We’d be happy to clarify any queries you might have regarding our elevators, and can further illustrate the ways they can benefit you.

If you are interested in any other kind of elevator, we also install a variety of other domestic elevators in a wide assortment of different specifications for customers in South Australia, including residential platform lifts, and passenger lifts.